Recording sessions


Watch the fantastic Martin Fröst speaking about the record that we did august 2015. About 1 minuit in, you can see pics from the session, me playing cimbalom. The recording was at Konserthuset with the Royal philharmonic orchestra me and Martin Fröst. And the record label was of course Sony Classic!!!

Meeting Mountains

Meeting Mountains

My dear friends Bridget and Leifs duo album. The recording where at

The record was released 11 march 2016 and you can hear me on vibes and marimba.

  • Another cimb recording. This time for the Swedish movie ”Aldrig släppa taget”. Magnus Andersson Lagerkvist did the beatiful music. check in teaser at



Cecilia Perssons great  record

  •  at legendary Atlantis where for instance most of ABBA recordings were recorded

Here is the mallet section

Marimban trivs i AtlantisAnd here is the great Janne who has worked as an sound enginer for like 20 years, he knows pretty much how to work things out 🙂